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Libations, LLC, Cleveland’s premier beverage hosting company specializing in off premise beverage catering, is pleased to announce that our services will include marketing and promotional expertise such as on premise and off premise tastings and samplings.

Libations, Elixir, and Finlandia at the 18th Annual Silver Spoon Awards Party

Libations, Elixir, and Finlandia at the 18th Annual Silver Spoon Awards Party

Libations, places the ideal talent to personify a specific image, lifestyle or idea while simultaneously educating the public as to the brand.

Libations services include outstanding customer service attention as well as professional staffing ideal for trade-shows, conferences, product demos and special events throughout Ohio. Libations is fully insured with liquor liability insurance and has been duly registered with the Division of Liquor Control of the State of Ohio who has licensed Libations as a brand ambassador.

“We are excited to be recognized as a brand ambassador and the additional value it will bring our list of client’s and future partners “says David J. Scully, President, Libations. “We are confident by streamlining our services, Libations will exceed our client’s expectations while offering tremendous value to local artisan brands as well as more familiar brands in the beer, wine and spirits world,” he continues.

Scully also mentions “Libations looks forward to expanding our services to include marketing and promotions but more importantly our role as Brand Ambassador will allow Libations to work in concert with distributors, sales personnel and suppliers throughout Ohio to help them achieve their goals in the market.”

Since 2008, Libations, LLC has been Ohio’s premier mobile beverage hosting company of choice, offering exceptional customer service, trained mixologists, coupled with affordable rates and a professional staff eager to exceed client’s expectations for any event. For more details and information, contact David J. Scully, President, Libations, at or call 440.799.4079.

Libations proudly represents various wines, liquor and spirits.

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