How It Works

Libations is Cleveland’s premier mobile beverage hosting company. We offer over five years of meeting and exceeding client’s expectations for all their bar demands. Libations offers a full suite of services for any occasion, from weddings, graduation parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events our staff will pour on the extraordinary customer service. Libations can customize your events to meet your demands. The following is a snapshot of how Libations offers a hassle free solution for your event or party:

Before Your Event

  1. Libations representative will suggest the number of bartenders and servers are needed to best serve the guests
  2. Number of bar stations available to better serve the guests is always discussed
  3. Where to set-up the bar stations
  4. Libations staff will professionally set-up bar and surrounding area to maximize service
  5. Libations staff work a 5 hour minimum shift at $140.00 total
  6. Each additional hour is billed at $25.00 an hour
  7. A signed contract between Libations and client is required
  8. A 50% deposit is required upon signing
  9. Cancellation is permitted up to 24 hours of the event
  10. If a late cancellation occurs after the 24 hour window, Libations will keep 25% of the down payment and return the remaining portion to the client

Event Day
- Libations forbids a tip jar to be out on display
- Gratuity is the sole discretion of the client and will be discussed prior to the event
- Libations representatives suggests the best wine and beer pairings to accompany the epicurean delights
- Libations offers expertise in quantities of beer, wine and spirits to purchase
- Free delivery of all beer, wine and spirits coordinated with Minotti’s Wine & Spirits
- Libations does not mark-up any portion of the Minotti’s order
- Looking for a signature drink or a drink to match the theme for your event, Libations has a full suite to choose from
- Per the request of our client, Libations can provide the following rental equipment:
- Aluminum Swirl Top Bar
- Illuminating Portable Bar
- Glassware & Stemware
- Libations has full Liquor Liability Insurance
- Libations can include client, company, host on the Certificate of Insurance
- Libations can provide all washes, coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, assortment of juices, soda & tonic water, ice, bottled water, lemons, limes, olives, cherries and specialty mixes

After Your Event

- Libations staff will break down and clean up the bar and surrounding area.
-Invoices will be sent to the client within 3 days after the event
- Payment in full by 15 days of receipt

I am confident Libations will meet and exceed your expectations. Our staff offers years of experience coupled with a passion for this industry. Please contact a Libations representative to discuss a worry free solution so that you can sit back and enjoy your company while sipping on a libation. Cheers!

Responsible & Respected
While we understand the the perfect drink makes for a perfect party, we take great care in providing responsible service. Libations insists that our clients and our guests adhere to the following rules and policies.

No LAST CALL announcements will be made.
All beverages will be served by the drink. No pitcher services permitted.
All guests partaking of alcoholic beverages must show proper identification upon request and be of twenty-one (21) years of age.
It is the sole discretion of Libations LLC to discontinue service to any person or the entire event at any time, if we feel it's necessary to protect the patrons, the property owners and Libations LLC. No retributions will be allocated in such instances.
No alcohol is to be brought onto the property/banquet facility for consumption without permission from the property owners & Libations LLC.

More Information
Libations LLC are fully insured. Our bartenders and staff undergo alcohol seller/server training required by the state of Ohio. We reserver the right to refuse service. We do not serve alcohol to anyone less than 21 years of age.

Please do your part as a host or hostess to facilitate responsible drinking and help guarantee the safety of your guests.

Please meet with a Libations representative for more information regarding our policies, standard practices, alcohol seller/server training, liability & insurance coverage, or to discuss any other criteria pertaining to your event's specific needs.

Privacy Policy
Libations LLC controls and owns all rights, titles, and interests regarding this website, including any and all modifications as a result of any implementation of services rendered and shall remain the exclusive property of Libations LLC and its licensors. Libations LLC may access and change the content of this website when necessary in order to operate and maintain the proprietary information of Libations LLC. Libations LLC will comply with applicable laws and government orders and requests. All rights reserved under Libations LLC.

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